Sundays in my house

Dee-LishTop of the morning to ya! Aahhhh….(yes, that’s me, exhaling a happy sound, coffee in one hand, cupcake in the other, stretching my legs out in front of the computer and the window, watching the sun ascend over the San Fernando Valley).

Sundays are such great days, aren’t they? I love its sluggish pace, its gentle breezes, and the way it stills the noisy chatter of the world to this peaceful quiet that I can hear the rush of my breath as it whumps in and out. Double aahhhh

Yes, this is the one day when the universe and I are one. And no matter where I’m standing, it will always signify the end of one week, the beginning of another while looking outwardly from that pinnacle crossroads at all I’ve yet to accomplish, at all I hope I will.

While it’s taken me a long time to get here, I’ve come to realize that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter much, for any of us, that who we aspired to be, didn’t happen. Because ultimately that person in the mirror staring back is the person you’re supposed to be. You are the results of all those cataclysmic experiences—good, bad or indifferent. Anything more…well, those things will have to go back into the bucket list for Monday, or perhaps that rainy day–whichever comes first.

So there you have it…my thoughts and my for-what-it’s-worth advice on this beautiful Sunday. Eat that piece of cake. Live a little!

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Beyond the fact that I'm a born and raised New Yorker with all the shoot-from-the hip attributes given me at birth and that my current place of residence is Encino, California...this is the place where none of that matters. It is though where I get to show you my "stuff" so that you will continue reading this blog. Which of course I hope you do. I hope that my musings on life make you sit back and pause, add a spring of inspiration to your step, even perhaps give you a chuckle or two because then I'll know that all was not written in vain. And better yet I'm not the only dysfunctional game in town. Welcome to the club!

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