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I was born in Far Rockaway, New York in 1953 – a post, postwarbaby – to middleclass Jewish parents experiencing America’s good life in suburbia.

I have had a varied career history to say the least, ranging from chef/baker, clothing manufacturer, concierge to financial planner, earning degrees and certifications to also stuff under my belt. If there was a detour to turn, I turned. Reinventing myself more times than a snake sheds its skin.

But it would take years of traveling and working in Mexico, a heartbreak, a move to Florida, to California, a divorce and the birth of two children—not in that order—to eventually put me on the road to writing. And seriously. As a young girl, I’d published poetry, written a dining out column, kept a journal, so I knew I had something to say. I just didn’t think I could earn a living at it.

Like most unexpected things in life, the idea for a first book came out of nowhere. But it was because of my interests in history and archaeology that made me want to write about Israel and the adventures of someone contemporary finding a mythical treasure and true love—all the ingredients necessary for a good story.

I am at present living in Plantation, Florida and still writing.

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One comment on “About
  1. Entertaining About – I look forward to perusing your blog-
    I live in Orange County, NY – I’m a country mouse (originally from NJ)

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